Alith Videos 11 - Arena Event by Belazarus
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Spatalos
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Its been a while, I know, but here it is! The latest installment from our Alith Video Diaries.
I made this video as a tribute to our recently joined new Alith members from the Vanquishers legion. This was the first event since their joining and was hosted by Fuccy (new Alith Officer). It saw a large number of our members playing various PvP games in the arena of Sanctum. One of the games included "Bulldog" where 1 member is placed in the center of the arena while the rest of the group run across the arena in an attempt to stay alive.
The event was loads of fun and we're sure to do more of these types of events.

Alith are a social, friendly, non-hardcore legion on the Spatalos EU server, Elyos faction. We are PvE focussed but do dabble with PvP on occasion. We pride ourselves in being a legion who play Aion for both the fun and community aspect and we dont involve ourselves in the hardcore pvp politics of larger legions. We have an official website, ventrilo server and event calendar, amongst other things. If you're interested in joining the family or finding out more about us, please visit our site at:
Alternatively you can whisper myself, Belazarus in game at any time.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the videos Alith have to offer.

Belazarus (Alith Legion Leader)
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