Alith Videos 04 - World Boss Encounters pt1 by Belazarus
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Spatalos
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Hi again all! So i created this video for the benefit of all those who haven't been lucky enough to spot these world bosses yet. In this first episode, i've got a couple of clips showing us fighting Andre (legendary name) and Raging Kraterr. Andre is a giant....uh.....desert creature that spawns in Eracus Desert in Eltnen. We took him out with 15 members all around level 40. The second part of the video shows Raging Kraterr who spawns in Kaidan Headquarters. Andre can be found wandering around Eracus Desert and Raging Kraterr is right at the bottom of Kaidan Headquarters - as you enter the area keep hugging the wall to your LEFT until you reach a cliff - he is directly below (you have to glide down to fight him and cannot get back up, he's on a rock island in the middle of a fire pit - you need to "return" to get out). Hope you guys spot these, I will be posting more vids of other world bosses in the future.

Alith are a social, friendly, non-hardcore legion on the Spatalos EU server, Elyos faction. We are PvE focussed but do dabble with PvP on occasion. We pride ourselves in being a legion who play Aion for both the fun and community aspect and we dont involve ourselves in the hardcore pvp politics of larger legions. We have an official website, ventrilo server and event calendar, amongst other things. If you're interested in joining the family or finding out more about us, please visit our site at:
Alternatively you can whisper myself, Belazarus in game at any time.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the videos Alith have to offer.

Belazarus (Alith Legion Leader)

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