Mephs - Assassin PVP - Siel Is Not For You by tehmephs
Class: Assassin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Siel
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Some 28-33 PVP action on my Elysian assassin. Most of the clips are me vs. people either my level or slightly higher (1-2 lvls) and occasionally a few people a little too big for my pants (4+ levels, you can tell which ones). There's a few "lowbies" in there but most of my hits were armoried after the kills.

Section I: Just goofing around and 1v2'ing a few people. We can beat pretty much every class without an issue, its the player not the class.

Section II: Shit happens, we have bad days, or we goof up and look back thinking "wtf was I thinking". Also a duel against a gladiator and me expressing anger at some of the buggy shit in the game.

Section III: Some scrub (well a lot of them) cry on the assassin forums about how we are useless in the air and can't kill anything if it spreads its wings. I was like "what?", and made sure to get some juicy aerial combat clips. Despite popular belief about the class I don't lose air battles that often, I wish I could fit every clip I took of air combat but obviously I didn't want the video to be 20 minutes.

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