Alith Videos 12 - World Boss Encounters pt4 by Belazarus
Class: Cleric | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Spatalos
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Hello Again Everyone!
After a long wait, finally another world boss episode. This one's a biggie as I've featured none other than the final 2 bosses of Beshmundir Temple - Isbariya The Resolute and Stormwing! I made this video for a couple of reasons, first being so that any first timers on these bosses can get an idea of the tactics involved in killing them. I'll be honest with you in saying that Isbariya is definately more complicated than Stormwing. Isbariya has 4 phases during the fight and its essential that you're familiar with them to defeat him. I've included reminders throughout the video to point out each phase. The first is watching his cast bar for his massive AOE skill which instant kills. When he casts Seething, move immediately to the BLUE artifact and get 1 member to smack it for the group to receive the buff. If he casts Arcane, then move to the RED artifact to receive the buff. This is the only way to survive the AOE's. 2nd stage is ghosts, he will randomly turn party members into ghosts, any members who are ghosts should immediately go down the stairs and kill ANY black ghosts that spawn there, they will try make their way to Isbariya, kill them before they do. As soon as you're human again, rejoin the fight and so fourth. 3rd stage is orbs - very simple these blue orbs will float and will follow random members, get too close to them and you get hit hard - so just avoid them at all costs! Final stage is his healing adds which heal his health, so when they spawn, take em out fast! And thats pretty much it, the first stage is the trickiest part, get that right and your chances of winning is high.
Stormwing is a much "simple" boss but NOT easier. Reason for this is that he hits HARD and casts tornados which incapacitate your party members. The trick that seems to work (as seen in this video) is to hug the edge of the platform, stay clear of the tank & stormwing, and AVOID the tornados at all costs. The tornados wont kill you but they will prevent you from doing anything for 12 seconds or so - clerics should DEFINATELY keep clear of them.

That pretty much wraps up the tactics. The 2nd reason I made this video was to send a message to ALL the doubters who insist that Clerics with DPS stigma builds cannot heal Besh Temple, Isbariya and Stormwing - this is false and i've proved it in this video (see the last few seconds of video, i've displayed my DPS stigmas...). The amount of times I've been rejected to Besh temple due to my stigma build pisses me off. This video is for all you doubters, eat some humble pie!

Hope you all enjoyed the video, can't wait to see you all in Besh soon!

If you're interested in joining our legion, you'll find us on the Spatalos server (Elyos Faction). Just contact Belazarus, Nalroz, Azrall, Fuccy, Shadow or Onouris. Alternatively visit our website at:
Thanks for watching!

Belazarus (Alith Leader)
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