Alith Videos 07 - World Boss Encounters pt2 by Belazarus
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Spatalos
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Hi all

So this is my second episode of my "world bosses" series. This one shows 2 world bosses found in Heiron. The first is an Agrint boss called Dedrun the Sentinal. So far, he's the biggest "tree-like" mob I've bumped into. He is a level 43 elite and occasionally drops a blue lvl 43 ring which gives high MP and Accuracy. During the fight, he spawns adds in the form of smaller agrints. They can be killed off pretty easily but there are a lot of them. He also has an ability which turns players into agrints - the cool thing though, is you STILL have control over your character which is pretty neat, you can run around for a bit but can't do much hehe. I managed to take Dedrun down with 3 members around 41/42.
The second boss in this video is Ragenon Souleater. Again he can be taken down with 3 lvl 41ish players but he's definately tougher than Dedrun. Let me start off by saying, I love this boss as I think he's one of the coolest looking - he appears during the day as Ragenon, a gold spirit daeva with his wings out at all times. During the night he turns into a normal mob called Gellar which is for a quest. During the fight, Ragenon summons adds in the form of spirit humans and he does some serious AoE as well. He is tough, go well prepared. Once killed, he can drop any of a set of armour/weapons. Check Aion Armoury to see details (they're green items though).
I kill Ragenon whenever I get the chance, just coz he looks bad ass.
He does take a long time to spawn though, so don't bother camping him, you'll be there for hours (trust me, i've tried...) But if you do come across him accidentally, he's good fun to fight.

Hope you enjoyed the vid, please keep an eye out for the next episode. It will be out as soon as I bump into another couple of world bosses hehe. (i'm hopeful for King Kong and T-Rex in Heiron hehe)

Alith are a social, friendly, non-hardcore legion on the Spatalos EU server, Elyos faction. We are PvE focussed but do dabble with PvP on occasion. We pride ourselves in being a legion who play Aion for both the fun and community aspect and we dont involve ourselves in the hardcore pvp politics of larger legions. We have an official website, ventrilo server and event calendar, amongst other things. If you're interested in joining the family or finding out more about us, please visit our site at:
Alternatively you can whisper myself, Belazarus in game at any time.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the videos Alith have to offer.

Belazarus (Alith Legion Leader)

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