Alith Videos 08 - World Boss Encounters pt3 by Belazarus
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Spatalos
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Hi All!
So here's the next chapter of my world bosses series. This episode features Grand Chieftain Saendukal. So far, he has been the toughest, but funnest boss to kill. He's the final boss in Kaidan Headquarters and he is located just in front of the abyss gate on a stone platform surrounded by elites. He is tough.....very tough.....unless you have a strong group of 24 over 40's.
I've killed him twice now, and if you can defeat him his drops are very impressive. The first time I killed him he dropped 1 gold sword, 1 blue sword and 1 gold mail greaves (as you will see in this video).
The second time I killed him he dropped 2 blues and 1 gold (his mask). I've been very lucky as both times I won gold items on the roll :-)
During the fight, he has several powerful AoE spells. After his health is down to 75%, he begins casting a "Statue Curse" which turns everyone within 25m into statues that last 12 seconds!!
At 50% he begins casting powerful AoE (Earth Wrath) that knocks a good 2000 - 3000 hp each time.
Then at 25% health he has this attack where he lifts his sword into the air, then pounds it into the ground doing up to 4500 hp damage to ALL members within 25 meters!! Seriously tough for healers, but do-able. When i isn't slamming his sword into the ground, he dashes around frantically knocking members left right and center.
Although this boss is really tough (for level 40s) he is still loads of fun and his drop rate, so far, has been the best i've seen in this game - so definately worth getting a group together for.
I'll definately be grinding him wherever possible hehe.
Hope you enjoy the video, and please feel free to check out the other episodes.
More to come soon....

Alith are a social, friendly, non-hardcore legion on the Spatalos EU server, Elyos faction. We are PvE focussed but do dabble with PvP on occasion. We pride ourselves in being a legion who play Aion for both the fun and community aspect and we dont involve ourselves in the hardcore pvp politics of larger legions. We have an official website, ventrilo server and event calendar, amongst other things. If you're interested in joining the family or finding out more about us, please visit our site at:
Alternatively you can whisper myself, Belazarus in game at any time.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the videos Alith have to offer.

Belazarus (Alith Legion Leader)
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