Mephs - Assassin PVP - A Romp In Asmodae by tehmephs
Class: Assassin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Siel
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Hey just a filler video. I had a few people request some rifting action on my assassin in Aion, so here it is. Not much to see over in Asmodae honestly. I spent a good hour and a half there, wracked up about 100+ kills and close to 12k abyss points on some 35-42 players.

Unfortunately it seems that the asmodian population is staggeringly high, that number mostly consisting of bots. Its sad to wander Beluslan and find the ratio of bots to real players overwhelming, either way, I got some good fights. One opponent being a 42 gladiator with Kromede's. We spent about 30 minutes skirmishing each other back and forth and eventually I claimed another head, twice even.

Was it worth the AP? Maybe not the points, but the epeen for sure! This footage also gives a really rock solid idea of how you can easily beat a Gladiator. Though I should mention he did not stigma slot Unwavering Devotion, which would have helped him a lot, though for the most part even if he had I could just kite him around for a minute 30.

Anyway the editting is minimal as I just wanted to get the video out for some friends, to show some techniques on fighting glads, clerics, etc. Enjoy!
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